Fama Esquilo
Fama Esquilo

Julho 5th, 2009
Lady Gaga Nua(Com Vídeo)

Lady Gaga aparece mais uma vez nua para uma sessão fotográfica irreverente. A cantora do sucesso musical “Pokerface”, posou com uma espécie de chapéu em forma de órbita espacial, elaborada pelo designer Nasir Mazhar. Veja as fotos de Lady Gaga nua.

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One thought on “Lady Gaga Nua(Com Vídeo)

  1. I love the lady gaga and her song and her photogenic and even get a stick with me because she is the best blade paddle I have nothing to say about it people go there saying that she is a hermaphrodite and man these people do not shovel have anything ready to go i have the rumors about it for me she is the perfect puts beyonce to Avril Lavigne all for the pocket now she has lady gaga or say Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is perfect I love her style does not care what has gone to copy the ray in the face to David Bowie man people are really stupid man I am 14 and my great dream is to go see a concert lady gaga I love the music once again enroll in the head that people are jealous style shovel lady gaga Rihanna Fenty now goes to copy the lady gaga with that dress on the remote disk using the ‘hard’ man I have no words to describe it is cool amazing beautiful … I think these words enough to say that I love lady gaga a kiss of love dani seixo.continue well-te.pa-pa-paparazzi.

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